Bow down?? Noooo!!! Now before you even try to say I’m a Beyonce hater, let me first say that I love her. As a woman, a wife, a mother, a singer, an entertainer, I respect and celebrate her as a person, her successes and many of the things she has accomplished.

Here is a person that stands on top of the world in having beauty, family, a successful music career, has been adored by Oprah, and sung for President Obama’s inauguration. So I scratched my head in trying to understand why she recently dropped a song entitled “Bow Down, B-tches“

Upon hearing the song, I couldn’t help but be completely bewildered. Yes, I get the edgy and sassy personality that emphatically states respect me, however, the need to refer to any other person or female as a b—- to get it, isn’t necessary.

I couldn’t help upon listening to the lyrics, but think of the number of girls and teens, as well as grown adults that will probably adopt this as a new mantra, as if demeaning another individual to “bow down” or call them a “female dog” is what will bring respect.

I pictured all the little girls in my life and thought of how they play a part in why I personally feel it’s shameful to refer to any other person as a b—-. Call me an optimist, call me a idealist, whatever, but I will continually stand for uplifting myself and others and not at the cost of putting anyone else down. Which is why I won’t even put Beyonce down, however, I do feel it’s important to critically look at the impact of a song like this and the messages it sends.

As a woman who just had a child, in fact a baby girl, it’s interesting Beyonce spits lyrics like this:

“I know when you were little girls, you dreamed of being in my world…Don’t forget it, don’t forget it, respect that.”

“I took some time to live my life, but don’t think I’m just his little wife…Don’t get it twisted, get it twisted, this my sh-t, bow down b-tches.”

I can see that Beyonce is often attacked in media and by the public, which as with any celebrity comes with the territory. I’m not saying this song is in response to this or any of her haters, however, if so, her success, life’s accomplishments, and who she is as a person is more than enough to speak for her.

Beyonce is an artist that has a broad voice, mass appeal, and a huge platform for which people can listen. I appreciate that she exudes confidence, self-love, empowerment and self-respect. With that said, for her to challenge any of her haters, attackers, or those that may have things “twisted”, as well as all women, men, people in general to stand up on their own accord, with an emphasis on their own lives and being the best person they can rather than focus on hers & her world, would go a long way, minus the undignified name-calling.

There is no need to demand respect, when your actions, your life, command it. Rather than calling for others to lower themselves in recognition of what anyone has going all, a truer role is in challenging them to act as nobly.

So to Beyonce and anyone else, I say stand up Queen…for in standing up and acting like the Queen you are, you give others permission to do the same.

    • Fredi NyAshia says:

      I don’t recall saying I am a fan. I may respect people, as I do all (as I want respect in return), & the fact that they are accomplished in their career, & as mother and wife but to me to be a fan is to admire, to follow, and be devoted to that person. I can’t say I’m that.

  1. The R says:

    When God blesses some ppl with everything they’ve ever wanted, they stop talking to Him. Then, they forget His Word. Later, they forget themselves and their place, thinking they 1) deserved and were owed their blessing, then 2) blessed themselves through their own desires and efforts.

    When your team includes the likes of Jay-Z (“hova”; really?) and Kanye West (professing the name of the Son, then plunging into the depths, even so far as to inpregnate his neighbor’s wife and proudly publicize the fact), you are bound to be pulled down and consumed by their wickedness.

    #theRocOfBabylon #darkTwistedReality #gainingWorldLosingSouls

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