With all the outcry for the violence that we are seeing in the world, our communities  (particularly low income communities & those predominantly people of color), we all can choose to play a role in transforming our current state.

I’ve written various posts to uplift and encourage us all to take action no matter our gifts or abilities. However, I recognize that many are at a lost for exactly what to do.

Between our careers, jobs, families, organizations, and a variety of other things we juggle, many feel there is no available time to do something about our communities’ challenges. Well, I ask if we don’t make time and prioritize addressing these issues, are we prepared to not see change or see things get worst? Well, I’m not & hopefully we all are increasingly a point of no return to commit to action.

Included in this post is a “Create Our Village” Pledge that lists things that pretty much anyone can do. Even children can get involved. Many of these things are not reactionary acts (though those are needed too) but look at the core of the human psyche, mindset, circumstances and create opportunities for us to be proactive in addressing the source of something greater that is needed in our families, communities, us, as a people.

Two things have inspired this over the last few years: 1) our need for Love, for God amongst us, poured into each other to conquer the state of fear, hate, and division and 2) it’s said ‘it takes a village’, connection, unity for our children, our communities to be uplifted. Here enlies some fundamental things for us to start doing to address both and to start creating change. So, will you take the pledge by committing to acting on 3 or more of these on a weekly basis? If so:

1) Save or download the list [image] or [pdf]

2) Click to email your acceptance of pledge (include name, email address, 3+ actions). As this #CreateOurVillage movement grows, you can be included on FB group for posting updates

3) Email any additional list ideas (this is not an exhaustive list of actions to create our village) to fredinyashia@f7ln.com

4) We hope to see posts, tags, pics to see the actions and results of our commitments (not just for accountability and keeping this going but) to further inspire others and further create connections amongst this movement. These can be very powerful tools.

5) Post and share this pledge with other and invite them to take the ‘Create Our Village’ Pledge.

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