Typically, around the time that summer issues in autumn, I’ve done various “renewing of myself” in the the form of a spiritual fast, body cleanse, period of reflection, change in eating, or renewal of body, mind and spirit.

In the past, I can say that eating raw for 10 days, doing a 40 day spiritual fast, doing a 30 day vegan diet, or a 7 day cleanse, have all been ways to renew, rejuvenate and incorporate more long term lifestyle for myself.

I’ve been eating a vegetarian diet for this month of September in an effort to continue on what I see as a journey for me into a more wholistic lifestyle. I’ve blogged previously about recipes and my opinions on the “health” industry or shall I say the “medicinal” industry. And if you have watched any of the latest documentaries Food, Inc, Food Matters, What The Health, and more or are familiar with individuals like Dr. Sebi, then you have probably delved into wanting to be more conscious about the things that you put into your body, or what I refer to as our God-given temple.

I’m sharing this because I recently posted to my social media pages photos of some of the meals I’ve been eating and preparing (last night’s vegetable tacos I cooked were amazing, if I do say so myself) to help anyone else on their journey to taking care of the only body that they have been given and to be good stewards of it.

And as added encouragement for those who may think its too hard or not be sure about it, please know:
1) No one is a perfect eater.
2) I can’t say for certain that I definitely be a vegetarian or vegan, I have typically eat chicken or fish (gave up beef and pork years ago), however, I take steps to be more informed and to take care of what goes into my body. And at the very least, I don’t eat the same way I did 10 years ago, and I’m likely to continue on my journey and may not eat 10 years from now how I do today.
3) Don’t judge or let others judge you.
4) Looking at animal products is one thing, but also reassessing how much processed and refined foods is also important. Frozen dinners, white sugar, bread, rice, and pasta, as well as canned products are just a few things to also consider.
5) Read the label. Knowing and at least being aware of what is in the things we consume is key to being able to make good decisions about our food.
6) Don’t feel like you have to go cold turkey in one day, even taking small steps and making small changes is a good way to progress.
7) Finding or making healthy alternatives to the foods you love is good. You may be surprised as to what other foods outside of your norm you may fall in love with.

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