Continuing from part one of my exploration of the book “Conversations With God: an uncommon dialogue” by Neale Donald Walsh, I delve into the concept of life as a process of going from self-knowing to self-actualization, experiencing that which you already intrinsically know…not to learn but to remember Who We Are.

The book explains life as a continuum. In order for us to experience something, we have to experience its opposite. “you cannot demonstrate love until you can demonstrate not loving. A thing cannot exist without its opposite.” The experiences of life can take us through the range of polar extremes. In Walsch’s words, the evolution in life is “knowing, experiencing, being.”

This is true for all people, therefore it is the reason we should not condemn or judge others. Envy vs. success, calamity vs. joy, depression vs. happiness, sickness vs health, selfishness vs. generosity, harm vs. help…all these we should not judge or question in others, as we know not how they are being used in another person’s life (as part of God’s plan). Rather we should focus on our own counsel and allow others theirs.

“For each circumstance is a gift, and in each experience is hidden a treasure.”

Walsch moves on to ask “what is hell?” In response, hell is explained as not a place but rather “the worst possible outcome of our choices, decisions, and creations…the opposite of joy, un-fulfillment…knowing Who and What We are and being less or failing to experience that.”

When I think of all the bad things that happen in our society, I see how they are all manifestations of exactly this description of hell. When someone says the term ‘hell on earth’, it’s what we create when we are being less than Who We Are. Murder, rape, sickness, violence, drama, jealousy, etc all manifest from this, but in order to remember, experience, and be Who We Are, we go though experiences of who we are not.

The ultimate goal of our soul is to realize itself while we are in body and to become the embodiment of it through our experience of life.

This is why life (even with all the pain, trials, misfortune & tragedy) is perfect in its process. The book explains that “all life arises out of choice.” And it shouldn’t be questioned because “its purpose is to do whatever might be done to assist the soul in seeking and making a higher choice…Know that their choice is perfect for them in this moment now-yet stands ready to assist them should the moment come when they seek a newer choice, a different choice-a higher choice.”

This is why we say God’s plan is perfect. In essence, each of us, each soul must walk its own path to know, experience, and be Who We Are.

We tend to say things are “right” or “wrong” but even this is a judgment, an assessment of what we think should or shouldn’t be. Truthfully this is what causes pain. When we remove this judgment, we no longer experience pain. It is the essential lesson in acceptance. Yes, even murder, death, sickness is not intrinsically right or wrong. It is what life uses in each individual’s experience to determine and demonstrate Who We Are…our path to God.

Since in this life experience, God gives us the gift of choice, therefore we become “creators of our reality.” Life becomes an experience of what we think. Our thoughts are the first step in what we create.

*Walsh outlines three laws:
1. Thought is creative.
2. Fear attracts like energy.
3. Love is all there is.

He explains that love is the ultimate reality. Fear is at the opposite end of love. When we choose only love, we experience the Highest truth, our Grandest self…we experience God.

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