I thought this would be an appropriate post with all this talk about 12/21/12. No, I don’t necessarily believe the world will end today, because no one knows what day or time that will take place. I did decide to re-read Matthew 24 to reflect on, in part “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father…Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come. But understand this: If the owner of the house had known at what time of night the thief was coming, he would have kept watch and would not have let his house be broken into. So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him.” – Mt 24:36, 42-44

This prompted me to ask the question “Are you ready?”

I often reflect over the year and even life in general, and one thing I do do is really pay attention to the world and how we are spoken to.

This last year, as in past ones, many things have occurred where I see God speaking to us in a powerful way, such as:

– The death and worldwide attention to Whitney Houston’s passing and funeral, including LL Cool J leading a prayer at the Grammy’s

– Athletes who have acknowledged God and brought Him to the forefront publicly like Tim Tebow, Jeremy Lin, Allyson Felix testifying about her faith: “My speed is a gift from God, and I run for his glory..Whatever I do, it all comes from him.”, Gabrielle Douglas: “I give all the glory to God. It’s kind of a win-win situation. The glory goes up to him and the blessings fall down on me.”

– Obama praying with his administration, March 2012:


– The magnitude of Hurricane Sandy

– The shocking and horrifying shooting of 26 including 20 innocent children in Newtown, Connecticut

God has a way of showing up and being all around us even in the smallest things, from a child’s smile, to the sun shining as you wake up, to the face of a homeless person, or even a difficult or hurtful situation. In all kinds of people, things and spaces, He’s there, if we just stop to look. It is especially these huge and large scale arenas, events, and circumstances, where He and His message ring loud, like large mass wake up calls.

He’s giving us time to be ready.

I often hear people say ‘carpe diem’ or ‘seize the day’ or ‘tomorrow is not promised’. I hope we all begin to take that to heart. Not simply as an opportunity to accomplish things, but also to see each day as a potentially final chance to be all that we are called to be and do, to seek His face, and walk the path He’s laying for each and every one of us.

– In how we treat and have treated others, ensuring we are at peace with people and our relationships
– In experiencing joy and gratitude for all the things that we have, those in our lives, things we have experienced.
– In those things we have held off doing, but keep hearing a voice nudging us to do them.

It’s as simple as asking ourselves each day, “if today was the last day of my life, am I at peace with the life I’ve led?”, “have I done all that I know I was meant to do?”

“Did I hug my parent/children/siblings when I last saw them? Did I tell my family ‘I love you’?”
“What were my last words to every person my life has touched? Was it positive, uplifting, a blessing?”
“Did I thank God for this day, all that He’s done, did I acknowledge & praise Him for everything He is?”
“Have I listened to His voice, and been obedient and doing that which He’s led me to do, used my gifts & talents in the way He desires?”

Even if today the world is not ending, it’s still a day to reflect on these things and act if there is some void or area in your life that you’re not at peace with or in a place to truly say’ I’m ready’. Take this day as one to keep watch and ‘get ready’.

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