I had to share this…about one person I love and admire so much. My cousin Paige aka “Queen Tut” is an awesome dance, remarkable person & true fighter. Despite all the things she deals with physically she is always positive, encouraging, and keeps pushing forward. To support her and to inspire you all, especially those that deal with physical pain, suffering and various diseases and conditions, I want to encourage you to read this short post, watch her awesome video commercial, and support (any amount is welcome) to a serious cause:


“Hello, My Name is Queen TuT from Queens NY. I’ve been diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematous since the age of 12. Since 15 I’ve worked as a dance/step & poetry teacher to kids, teens, adults, autistic & emotionally challenged community to spread the healing techniques of art. I’m a professional dancer, spoken word poet, photographer, videographer & artist. Throughout my life I have been troubled by Lupus even with my recent hospital admittance for lung failure due to Lupus complications. But I am now out of the Hospital. Recovering, South Street Seaport Surviving and Striving for a Better tomorrow. So please join my team & help me take one more step with those like me to finding a cure! Even If You can’t walk, watch the video or donate! Let’s go above & beyond!”

Queen Tut – dancer & choreographer, check out the video:

Support & donate to Team Tut for Lupus

May is Lupus Awareness month so ‘Put On Purple’ to spread the word and educate others & about lupus.

Queen Tut’s Website
Follow Queen Tut on Twitter

I love you Paige!!

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