On this day, I was blessed with a gift that I’m still in awe of each day I wake..for LIFE has granted me..

PASSION, which has given me a zest for life, to still see it as through the eyes of a child and hope, play and love beyond limitation or reason.

PURPOSE, which has given me clarity, and yet unclarity, definition but yet to be indefinable, and allows me to be visionary and still know what i cant see can still be.

EXPERIENCE, being able to cherish it all, continue seeking it as it keeps pouring into me wisdom.

PAIN, which has given me the understanding that disappointment, failure, hurt are just as necessary as success, happiness, & elation, for those are the spaces we learn acceptance, peace and often grow the most.

THIS WORLD, which has shown me that even in these times of turmoil, to see hope, a window of opportunity, to believe in humanity as I can see God in everyone.

LOVE..boundless, limitless, absolute..seeing love, receiving love, giving love, being love yet never being able to fully embody or know it completely.

Just something I wanted to share in celebration of the blessing of another year of life.

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