Now that we are settling into 2017, how is your new year looking so far? Typically, by now I would have already completed updating my vision board, have my list of 2017 goals and commitments set, and focused on the steps and what I need to do to achieve along with my continued journey of growth and self-actualization. However, to be honest, this year has started with some stagnation, rather than an energetic rejuvenation.

I thought perhaps with having had so much going on in 2016, just maybe I was experiencing a ‘whew’ moment in wanting to take time to settle and relax before I jump into gearing up for more. Between the day to day hustle and bustle, I just hadn’t been making the time to set up and refocus for this new year. But if you know me, that is not good enough.

I thought to share this because there may be people dealing with some sort of slump, or needing a push to get things going, or maybe in a valley of unclarity, uncertainty, seeking next steps or life changes, but not sure how to or what to do about it.

At the top of 2016, I posted about creating commitments vs. resolutions, as well as methods to stay focused throughout the year in “More Than Resolutions, Committed in 2016”

However, what if you’re not sure of what commitments to make or how to build on things you may have accomplished in your life so far. So, I say let’s dig deeper.

As someone who leans on prayer, I lead with seeking God for my path, further living into my purpose, and for revelations for what I meant to do. Just taking time out to be silent and listen will often provide you with the answers and inspiration for moving forward.

There are also questions you can ask yourself, such as:
– Am I living into my life’s purpose? If not, what would it look like if I did?
– What ideas or recent inspirations have I had that really speak to me and my purpose?
– What have I been afraid of doing but know I am meant to do? Am I ready to step out of my comfort zone?
– What are things I’ve been wanting to change in my life? What are steps I can and should take to make those changes?
– What are changes I want to see in my family, my job, my community, the world? What are the things I am moved and will commit to, to start seeing those changes?
– What did I want to accomplish last year or the year before, etc that I did not? What am I going to either re-commit to and change from before to see that come to fruition?
– What have you accomplished in the last year or so? For what purpose, did it serve and is there more that you can do to build or expand upon that purpose?

No matter the area of your life, be it career, work, fitness, health, family, relationship, financial, spiritual, community, or others, you can ask yourself which you can go deeper in seeking development and growth, as well as begin to detail things you seeking to change or accomplish in those areas.

I still recommend some of the tactics I detail in the “More Than Resolutions, Committed in 2016” post, like the specific lists; revisiting daily, weekly, or monthly; identifying and dealing with obstacles; and creating accountability with others (read the post for the specific details).

Overall, the point is to decide to make your commitments, to determine the steps you will take in achieving that which you are committing to, and using this next year to focus on them. So, NOW…how is your 2017 looking? Be blessed.

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