For the first post in 2016, I decided to share one of my secrets for staying focused and accomplishing goals. Yeah, we all see and hear about the resolutions that kick off in January, however, many times start wane by the end of the month.  By June or October, they may have completely been forgotten or ditched because of all kinds of reasons.

Here are a few things that I practice and highly recommend for you to get committed to accomplishing great things:

  • Time for reflection. Everyone is different and have different beliefs and practices, however, whatever you embrace be it prayer, meditation, and/or quiet time out, reflecting on the past and it’s lessons is a good way to have some perspective for what is next for you. It’s also good to focus on your purpose, your desires and what interests you, your talents and things at which you are gifted.
  • Write down a list of your next year’s commitments and goals. Use this link to download a sheet I use every year to write down what I plan to be committed to and what I want to accomplish. I like to keep mine in categories and you are welcome to change them for yourself. I encourage you to be specific by putting specific dates or quantifying what you want to accomplish so you can measure or determine if you are on track. For example, three of mine include:

Read at least 6 books in 2016
Acquire 3 different means of income
Complete Olympic distance triathlon(s)

**Don’t write anything that you are not truly going to commit to.

  • Share with others. Once you have done number 2, start sharing with others. Talk about them with close friends or family that may have similar goals. Post on Facebook, Instagram, or tweet about them. This is one way to not only build accountability as others now know, but you may find yourself getting help and encouragement. Feel free to also ask those people you share with to push you and ask about how you are doing. They become your team to get you to your goals.
  • Revisit often, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly. This is the part that I feel a lot of people miss. It’s one thing to create some list and have it sitting somewhere, however, keep it in your phone, print out a list for your room, keep a copy at work or in your purse or portfolio. At least once a week or so, take it out and read it. Evaluate where you are in each of your goals/commitments.  This allows you to ask yourself what changes or things you need to jump start to reach those accomplishments when you may have started to slide or put them in the back of your mind.

A perfect example was that I wanted to read 1 book a month last year, which was probably a little ambitious for someone who is always on the go like me. To be honest, I wasn’t as consistent the first part of 2015 in reading my lists. I realized I started out January – March doing pretty good but had only read 3 books by August. However, I became intentional in reading and actually grading myself on where I was in my goals. The ones that were sub C, I knew I had to get in gear to make that happen. In November alone I read 3 books. It was the continual reminder and revisiting that allowed me to catch up on some of my goals.

  • Recognize your obstacles and make tough decisions to change when you need. There will always be excuses for why we couldn’t do certain things. We work so much on our jobs, our family and children take a lot of time, we may not have the finances we need or want, and many more will keep us in a mindset on what we can’t do. Really think about what has in the past and what can potentially keep you from accomplishing you goals this next year. There is no time like the present to change some things around in your life, eliminate those obstacles or put a plan of action together for what you can do so those potential obstacles don’t attack your bigger plan.

To end out 2015, I decided to make a significant career change. There were things that we taking over my life and time from doing the things I wanted to commit to, so I stepped away from certain things so I can have the time to focus on those goals.  It can be freeing to start with a clean slate.

Like many, I love doing vision boards (I started updating mine last week) and plan to finish it today or this weekend to post in my room. I highly encourage this as a motivational tool.

Every time I don’t feel like getting out to do a tough workout or training day, I can always look over to that photo of the super-tone Serena Williams or medalled-up Allyson Felix or Gabrielle Douglas to remind me of what I want to accomplish.

Feel free to also read my post from a few weeks ago entitled Why Wait Until the New Year?!! for some additional motivation to creating a dynamic year in 2016! Happy New Year!!

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