With the upcoming end to another year, many often prepare to make resolutions, set new goals, and look forward to making changes and commitments in the new year. I like to say ‘why wait’. Often times setting up plans and putting new ideas and opportunities in motion now lead into those new things we want to see in our lives. Setting up dates and appointments, altering schedules to create consistent habits to make time for what we want to do, and starting to reach out and create a “team” of people to which to be accountable helps kick those strides into high gear. We don’t need January to come to start doing that.

Perfect example…as a triathlete for quite a few years now, my next year’s goals include taking my training and seasons to another level for placements in races, increased consistency in training, and moving up to Olympic distance events. I was intentional in signing up for a kick-off event on January 3, 2016. This gave me the incentive to work with various trainings, different equipment, apps, and coaching starting 3-4 weeks ago to build up in preparation for launching my indoor season at that race. I’ve already planned and committed to 5-6 other events for my indoor & outdoor season. This not only has me excited for the new year and what I’m seeking to accomplish, but in putting these things in motion it creates accountability for me to do the things I need to do on a daily basis. And believe it or not, various people and opportunities have been coming my way that I haven’t even expected for other things that I’m seeking to do. You know how they say “once you get the ball rolling…”

Whether it’s in the area of fitness, a new business idea, a career change, having more time for family or self, why not create some consistent things for you to do on a daily or weekly basis NOW that works towards those goals. Then set yourself up for 1 or more key dates (ie. a meeting, class, race, event, interview, outing) between now and the next month or two that you can commit to that are in line with those goals. In addition to this, start sharing with other people in your life, perhaps people you can partner with that have similar things they want to attain or that can assist you or even just check in with you. Not only does this help to keep you on task but it also gives you support and encouragement.

So don’t put off until 2016, what you could start today! You may be surprised that January 2016 already finds you in the midst of some phenomenal accomplishments and on the road to even bigger and brighter blessings!

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