I decided to break this post into 2 parts because it encompasses so much that has been laid on my heart recently and can be a bit much. With so much going on in the world, (i.e. San Bernadino shootings, terrorist events in France, crisis in Syria) and particular things that are close to home for me including the events in Chicago around protests, police, Tyshawn Lee, school closings, and more, it can all seem a bit overwhelming. The passing of a shining young star shook me in an unexpecting way. I had not seen DJ Timbuck2, aka Timothy Jones, in quite some time, so like many I was unaware of his battle with cancer. A few years back I recall having lunch with him where he spoke of enjoying his coastal trips to Florida, Cali and numerous places to spin at various clubs or for artists. He seemed to be enjoying life and happy having become a renowned dj working with WGCI and many artists, shows, and venues. For a while, he was the only reason I listened to radio. I’d run into him at events or clubs in Chicago, however, we were not super close, so it seemed interesting that news of his passing just sat with me. Having my own father pass earlier this year to cancer, I thought that contributed to this weekend feeling very heavy, however, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of my dad. And then this morning I came across a link to Tim reading a letter about the day he was diagnosed. I encourage you to listen to it HERE as well.

I felt compelled to share this as I believe just as much as our lives have purpose, in many ways one’s passing and the way in which they do also have meaning if we are willing to pay attention. When Tim states that he “knew God chose me for this new journey for a reason”, I could not agree with him more.

I typically do an annual doctor’s visit and am pretty healthy, however, this past August I was referred to another exam for something my doctor observed. I did the test in October, but never heard or followed up on the results. After listening to Tim’s message today, I finally called my doctor to follow up. After revealing a mishap with my records not being review, I did get a call back from my doctor’s office. Before I received this call back with the news, I did feel compelled to share this with one of Tim’s family members at the visitation. I wanted them as well as those reading this to know that even when we feel others have passed on, they often still are with us and speak to us. Their lives and its meaning endure beyond the physical.

I was informed of me having a small fibroid, which I’m blessed to say is not cancerous. However, had it not been for actually listening to Tim’s message and heeding what I was meant to receive from it, I may never have followed up on the test…and the results could have been very different.

In this instance, as well as many others, I’m simply grateful and accepting of the messages, how I’m moved, and the continuing legacy that these individuals leave with us. If I can speak to this in any way, it is simply to say please be present, embrace it, and allow the spirits of others to continue to speak to and touch you.

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