Well, I had plenty of time waiting in the police station to think about this one. I wasn’t sure how or if to share this, as it took a while to set it, but as in many circumstances there are lessons, moments of clarity, and opportunities to bless someone else.

Yesterday with it being sunny and in the 40s, I thought it would be a good day to run by the lake, which I’ve missed since November. In the 1pm hour, I was heading back towards home finishing up a 5 mile run on the bike/walk path on Lake Shore Drive, when someone grabbed me from behind and pushed me towards the ground. Not to give too many details but turning to realize this was someone I didn’t know, I was fearful. I feel like it was God’s strength in me and his protection that allowed me to fight my attacker off, get up and get away.

Yet, even in being able to get away from him as he fled, something told me to get help and alarm people. Not only did people stop their cars for me, as I ran out by the traffic on the Lake Shore Drive, people, including one amazing guy passed me to jump out and get him. Another remarkable guy, who let me in his car and drove towards where the offender was, already in an altercation with others, got out to grab and keep the offender down until the police came.

Now, I’m not detailing this to give some dramatic elements of a crazy day for me, but moreso to share with you what I took from all this.

First I shared this yesterday on Facebook because I thought of the numerous friends, family, acquaintances that often walk, run, do errands by themselves not thinking that this could happen. Heck, even I didn’t think so with it being the middle of the day off one of the busiest streets/drives in the city. And it’s important to simply take stock and be mindful of not just your surroundings but also how you can be prepared in the event something like this happens. I don’t carry much when I run but I will be getting an id bracelet, carry some kind of light/easy to carry mase, try to run with a partner or group when outside, and if alone run with only one earphone in my ear.

Also, though we often mainly hear about people doing bad things to others, know that there are many people out in our communities that still care. There are people who are willing to help when in trouble. And especially there are people who will go above and beyond to do what’s right, ensure safety, and show compassion. There are many angels walking amongst us in various shapes and forms. God knows who, how & when to provide, protect & bless.

And finally, perhaps the biggest reason I felt like I should share this is while I was waiting in police station, what kept coming to me was a general message from our pastor’s sermon this past Sunday, which could be summed up in these words:

“Don’t diminish who you are so that you can accomplish what God has for you. You are not a grasshopper, you are not small in the eyes of God. You are not a grasshopper, “There is a hero in YOU!””

My friend, Seven stated it best, “Everything happens for a reason. Today dude chose you as a victim, and God chose you as an end to this dudes reign of terror. “

I don’t regret what happened nor am I sorry it did. It’s good that it did, in order to keep him from doing it someone else. And I’ll do what I can to ensure that his terrorizing actions stop with this. God has a plan and He uses both good things and things we may not think are so good to see it thru. So I’m learning to accept it all and not be small. He may use the craziest, hurtful, fearful situations to accomplish what He intends. And even in those times, they can be a blessing, shining and inspiring moment to us all.

  1. The R says:


    I saw this report on the news just a few minutes ago. When the reporter said the victim was a 36 yo female, I turned a little cold. “I hope she wasn’t Fredi,” I thought, knowing you are a super-woman, who is out running often. So, online I come, and this is what I find…

    I’m SO glad you are ok, and though the reporter indicated as much, I couldn’t help but think how I hoped this was an ordeal that you didn’t experience (though not wishing it on anyone), as such things can be unnecessarily disturbing for anyone to endure. Fortunately, you are a strong woman, who has now only been made even stronger.

    I’m sure you never think you’re missing some of God’s grace in your life, but it’s nice to get the obvious reminders that He has you safely in His mighty hands, and that you have nothing to fear.

    Stay blessed, and run on!!!

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