My last post referenced Proverbs 31, which speaks to a woman of noble character. As I sit here typing on my laptop with 3 children under my roof, one of my nieces laying here beside me in bed, I must admit it’s a extra special moment to feel the love, warmth and sense of responsibility of what I imagine many parents feel. Amongst our conversations tonight, I asked the girls if they understood why I call them queens. Within their perception of Disney princesses, it was obvious they weren’t quite clear why I did, which made for an interesting discussion. After sharing with them the Our Black Gold post and explaining to them how I see them and offering encouragement of how they should see, as well as the regard they should hold for themselves, I decided to post this image. As we stand tall, living & being the women we are meant to be, we serve by being an example and uplifting our children. I find it fitting as it is also Women’s History Month, so with that I dedicate this to the little girls, the young teens and ladies that I feel obliged to pave a way to their greatness. May they see, honor, and celebrate the Queen within…

  1. Airregina Clay says:

    I love what are doing with the site and this post. Thank you for helping redefine the images of beauty, self worth and value for girls and women. I think it is so important to be a voice of balance and truth for our sistas in this time. We should all honor our Queen with in, but most of us are so far removed from that concept.

    Keep spreading this positivity and love. Keep being your authentic self because when you shine you are giving girls and women the permission to do the same.

    Love ya

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