Words written in continuing to create and possess a vision of much more to come…

Are there times when you simply know that there is more..
More that you are meant to do, meant to set in motion, meant to be?
Do not allow uncertainty, discouragement, insecurity or simply not seeing what’s to come
to allow you to live or be less than who you are meant to be.
Stay determined to keep seeking, keep striving, keep praying, keep moving forward.
See possibility everywhere and in everything.
To continue to inspire to touch others, seek it within yourself.
See it around you..
In a child, in a friend, in the fact you opened your eyes to a new day.
For it is there, because God is there.
Allow that light to guide you, to carry you
to new places that you could never even imagine.
For each day, each moment you find it and allow it to uplift you,
the gift of you becomes simply BEING it as a gift to others.

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