My time away, my haitus..from F7LN posting, from social networks and the like has not been in vain. And yes, I’m back and have missed you and so appreciate those that have been reaching out and just checking up on me.

Every now and then, I take some time to simply be quiet, be still, reflect, listen to that inner voice, seek God and get present to life, purpose, and so much more. This time it has been what I have affectionately called a time ‘in the wilderness’.

Some of you may be able to relate, as life often may bring us to points of asking many questions and seeking various answers, and wondering what’s next, what life and the future holds. And sometimes we may not get those answers right away and we’re stuck still wondering and unsure.

Finding the answers and knowing is not always the end all to be all. We can find moments of clarity in acceptance and being at peace with the unknown. Like many, I like to have a plan, to have clear and certain goals, to know what 5 years, 10 years from now will look like (I mean aren’t most of us raised that way from birth, going to school, then college, then career, family, etc). As someone who has accomplished many of the things I’ve set out to do in life, one fundamental question that I’ve been used to knowing the answer to is…’what’s next?’ However, ‘in my wilderness’, the answer to that question has not been as clear as I’ve thought or would even like. With the various ideas, dreams, desires, potential projects and more all circulating in my thoughts, I’ve found that truly KNOWING the answer to that question seemingly alludes me, hence why I take time to be still, be silent, listen, and learn.

Yes, I said learn, because though we often focus on getting through a period in our lives, sometimes it’s more important to focus on what we are to learn, to grow, and what purpose this period is meant to serve while we are in it. It has been increasingly blessing me to rather than focus on the things that we seek in our life’s journey, how much more there is than we even imagine in looking at what transpires in us & to us in the course of the journey itself.

Just a lil something to bless you with as you continue in your own journey…Blessings.

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