I can often find it difficult to “let go”. Well, in some circumstances, so let me clarify. Two of the closest men in my life over the last 12 years have passed, my dad and one of my brothers. Surprisingly, those were not the hardest things to deal with. I think because I have an understanding and acceptance around death that every life is a gift for a season and that ultimately I’m grateful for the time God granted me to have them in my life, it makes it easier, though I miss them.

However, I find that in dealing with relationships, friendships, unexplained moments when people move on or depart to be more challenging. Because I don’t always understand or have a sense of why, that makes it hard to accept and “let go”. At times, I’m still searching to know a person or relationship’s intentions, and I tend to think the best of people and situations. Though I may tell myself, sometimes I won’t understand, know why, and to accept beyond having answers, it can be challenging when you long to hold onto a person or relationship that is dear to your heart.

Recently I’ve faced questions and resolutions to my own feelings, thoughts and clarity on people, things, and relationships and was blessed by a video by R.C. Blakes that examines the fact that God often multiplies and brings abundance..our next season of increased fruitfulness, by first subtracting from our lives.

To notate some of Blakes initial points, he highlights the fact that: “When people walk out of your life for no known reason, you have to view it as God moving them out of your life” and it’s important that you accept it and even make it easy for them to leave.

Every time someone has moved on or walk out of your life, God is actually promoting you. You may not have realized this because the enemy has you focused who left your life, rather than what God has and/or is depositing in your life. Instead of being hung up on the relationship that expired, we are often blinded to the favor that is currently in or coming into your life that others are not equipped or meant to participate in.

One way of looking at it is: “God has a first-class ticket for a flight to your destiny, but you’re so focused on trying to bring a bag that God has not cleared for you to check or bring with you. Rather than catching your flight, you sit depressed over the bag.”

Many times God is pruning you (ie. cutting off relationships, responsibilities) for you to function in the next level of your life. He longs for us all to be continually fruitful. God is more concerned with you being fruitful than you being comfortable. And there are times he must bring us through some uncomfortable circumstances including letting go of things and people who are not going to be apart of the next level of your life. In the next level of your life, you hold a unique message and blessing to share with others. Instead of focusing on holding on to relationships & people, it’s time to focus on that message you have for the world & God is trying to bring you to the stage.

Right when we are on the brink of an explosion of growth, increase & success, things we thought would be a constant in our lives are often cut off or eliminated. People, relationships, friendships that we long to hold on to suddenly end and many times it is when we are in the grips of our greatest season. And it is not just ok but hopefully inspiring to “let go”, for you to to begin to see the manifestation of the greatness that is ahead of you.





To hear the entire R.C.Blakes message, check out the video. I hope it blesses you too.


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