When you’ve known someone as multi-talented as Erica Faye Watson and have seen her accomplishments, you can’t help but say “yes, that is one dynamic woman, right there!” Entrepreneur, comedian, actress, director, writer, blogger, featured columnist and contributor are just handful of roles, she has held over the years.

First meeting Erica at the University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign, even during undergrad years, she was wearing multiple hats. Juggling academics, while producing and directing shows, videos, and projects were an art form to a woman who would later venture out onto the national scene. As her career blossomed, in 2009, I had the pleasure of catching up with her and seeing her hilarious one woman show “Fat Bitch”, as she toured across the country.

In recent years, many recognize or know her from either her appearances on NBC’s “Chicago Fire,” Fox’s “Empire,” or her film credits including Spike Lee’s “ChiRaq” or the Oscar Nominated “Precious”. It’s delightful to see her in the mornings on ABC Chicago’s “Windy City Live”, where her personality, humor, and insight are true to the very woman she is. So, recently when she announced a knew endeavor, as always, I was excited to see what was to come.


This past November 2018, Erica launched a new make-up line entitled, fierce. She has introduced to the world an initial assortment of lip colors, highlighters and more. This past weekend I had a chance to try out her new line.

While at Nena’s Cosmetics in the Fashion Outlets of Rosemont, IL, I had the opportunity not just to get some goodies in person, but also to get a makeover and capture the look. Cicara, a wonderful and extremely talented & professional esthetician and Nena staff person, created this wonderful look for me.


I was so impressed with the fierce. line that I could not wait to share this. And as always when I see a sista doing amazing work, I can only imagine where Erica will take this new endeavor.

To check out or purchase fierce., visit: https://www.nenabrands.com/fierce-erica-watson

Also, to stay tuned into the latest about Erica, you can follow her at:



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