With all the preparation for school-aged children to not have school for the upcoming weeks, businesses closing temporarily, people working from home, many may find themselves isolated and unsure of how these coming days will be. As a result of COVID-19, I’m already seeing and hearing people dreading and being uneasy about the idea of being confined to home and not able to go out to many places.

Though I often seem to be doing something, I actually enjoy making time to “be still”.  Time to reflect, self-assess, gain clarity, enjoy the seemingly little things in life, and simply rest is very important to me.  In the society we live in, it is challenging for many to be still or not have the freedom to go out to socialized, be entertained, or “stay busy”.

Honestly, these coming days are an opportunity for us to connect with ourselves, our loved ones, and get back to those simple things, as well as a means to rejuvenate and get in touch with new thoughts, ideas, and actions that can feed our humanity in a much needed light.

While we all distance and quarantine ourselves, here is a list of some things to consider for the upcoming days and weeks ahead: (many can apply to youth, adults, singles, couples, families, and more)

1) Write. Journal. Creative writing.

2) Read. A book, Kindle, online articles, etc.

3) Start that blog, vlog, podcast that you had been thinking about.

4) Family tree and ancestry research and project.

5) Crafting, jewelry-making, woodwork or fun projects.

6) Cook. Try new creative dishes or new recipes.

7) At home work out. You’d be surprised the exercises you can do with a chair, couch, on the floor and in a open space at home. Squat, sit-up, push-up challenges and more. Yoga & stretching.

8) Practice that instrument that has been collecting dust or warm up those vocal chords with singing. 

9) Games.  Family board games, video games, online games, etc.

10) That business idea that you have been putting off. This is the perfect time to start putting together a plan of how to actually do it and start working on it.

11) Winter to spring de-cluttering. Organizing and swapping out the winter gear for spring and summer wardrobe. Take items to Salvation Army drop boxes.

12) Puzzles. Grab a 1000+ or 3D puzzle to put together.

13) Home fix-it project that you may have been putting on hold or a parent/spouse has been asking you do do/finish.

14) Bake, make cards or small gifts for the people on your block to drop off on porch as a pick-me-up or uplifting message for you neighborhood or community.

15) Music. Organize all the music on you hard drive, create new playlist, check out new releases.

16) Get creative…especially if you have children but even if you don’t..drawing, coloring, grab some glue and make something fun with paper, markers, crayons, paint, etc.

17) Model cars/planes…believe it or not these are fun to put together.

18) Do your hair. Braid, twist, try a new style. Brothers, now is a good time if you don’t already know how, to practice or try cutting your own hair.

19) Do your nails.

20) Spa day at home with music, candles, and a nice long bath. 

21) Organize phone pics, computer files, documents and things that you’ve likely long been wanting time to do.

22) Take a walk.

23) Work on your taxes. We have an extension until June 2020.

24) It’s Women’s History Month. Read, learn, research a woman from history that you didn’t know about. Do something to honor women.

25)  An online class or webinar. 

26) If you haven’t already done a vision board, its not too late.

27) Create a list of 2020 goals or now is a good time to assess one’s you have already set and create your plan for accomplishing them with the remaining year.

28) If you miss watching sports, Youtube popular past games to watch and reminisce. Yeah, I’m going for the Bulls Jordan flu game vs. Utah Jazz.

29) Blast some music for an hour and have either your own personal dance party or anyone in your household party.

30) Call to check in on family and friends. Host a conference call (Freeconferencecall.com) with a fun or interesting topic and invite 5-10 folks to discuss.

31) Cleaning and organizing your home.

32) Update your resume.

33) Update, organize or clean up your social media LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

34) Start learning a new language.

35) Have a family talk.

36) Start a family Facebook page for family updates.

37) Plan a post-Corona family or friend gathering. Even a social distancing gathering is possible.

38) Volunteer to watch/care for a friend’s or family member’s child that is out of school but parent has to go to work. Online volunteering, letters to elderly, essential workers, drop offs to colleagues, workers, hospitals.

39) Help a friend or neighbor with one of their projects.

40) If you have a yard, it’s a good time for yard work & outdoor projects.

41) If you have a computer, its a great time to learn (if you don’t already know certain apps, programs, etc) or share your knowledge. Ex: Using Gmail, do you know Sheets, Docs, Slides, create a classroom, ex.

42) Help run errands for elders in your family (groceries, mail, etc).

43) For small business owners or home base business owners, its a great time to assess, re-organize and enhance current business.

44) Scrap-booking, organize photo books, photo collage making.

45) Sewing, knitting, crocheting, wood working or try some new hobby.

46) Work on project for upcoming holiday (Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc).

47) Go for a drive.

48) Catch up on movies, TV series, and more.

49) Prayer. Meditation.

50) Sleep. Rest.

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