“Nonsense. You’ve the power and the ability right now to end world hunger this minute, to cure diseases this instant. What if I told you your own medical profession holds back cures, refuses to approve alternative medicines and procedures because they threaten the very structure of the “healing” profession? What if I told you that the governments of the world do not want to end world hunger? Would you believe me?”

This is a brief snippet that I read from “Conversations With God: an uncommon dialogue” that prompted me to write today’s post. Well, for anyone who has had a relatively in-depth conversation with me, they already know I’ve made similar statements and very much believe this. The book continues to state:

“..This is not malevolent, yet it is insidious. The profession doesn’t do this because it is evil. It does it because it is scared.”

I stumbled on to this way of thinking quite some years ago. I used to get a cold at least once perhaps up to a couple of times EVERY year. The one and only time I got a flu shot in college, I got the flu right afterwards. Since then I refused. Then I started to read about natural health and learned about herbs, medicines, elements and their effects on our body.

What still baffles me is the amount of people that still take cold medicine like Theraflu, Tylenol Cold, and the like. I included a sample photo of what one clearly states on its label (see below). So for example, when you’re sick, some of your symptoms are coughing, sneezing and having a runny nose. Most medicines include ingredients to suppress your cough, relieve you from sneezing and your nose from running. Yet why would you want to suppress your cough and keep yourself from sneezing or your nose from running as these are the very ways your body is getting rid of the contamination that is causing you to be sick? Though we don’t like to, nor want to do it around other people (which is why you should stay home or avoid contact with others while sick), it’s how our body fights the cold. In other words, if you simply want to treat symptoms, then taking all those drugs is fine, but how do you solve the problems?

For me personally, I foremost began to focus on having a healthier diet. However, when I do start to feel a little under the weather or know I’m not getting enough sleep or food, I take echinachea, a natural herb that helps my immune system naturally fight anything that I may get. Some people take zinc and other herbs or supplements. I swear by Echinacea, lemon juice, teas, and ginger. I also decrease my sugar intake when feeling weak, because sugar suppresses our immune system. Since then, I hardly ever get sick (maybe 1 or 2 times in the last 8+ years). (http://www.webmd.com/cold-and-flu/10-immune-system-busters-boosters)

So, what does this have to do with the snippet from the book?

There are various industries that profit off of our lack of knowledge and ignorance, as well as by attempting to implement propaganda and fear. They do so because they are afraid of losing money if we change our current way of life.

For instance, we are all aware of the so-called “flu” epidemic that seems to arise every winter. We even had some years where all kinds of swine-flu, bird flu, and various forms of viruses seemed to run rampant. Even in the last year or so, for healthcare workers the flu shot is mandatory and possibly could be for all in the future. The health care industry makes money off of us being sick.

That industry combined with the food industry profit on people not taking care of their health. If you ever watch documentaries like Food, Inc. or Supersize Me, you’ll understand how this manipulation of our food, us not making the best choices and not having the information or the option to take care of our bodies helps these industries save money or profit.

I often wonder how a country like Canada can offer free healthcare to their citizens, but we in the US, one of the superpowers of the world, can’t seem to do the same thing.

I shouldn’t say can’t, but rather won’t. This along with our education system, our military, prison systems and other national structures are all in the shape they are in or have an agenda that allows people, companies, and industries to profit off of the way they are now, therefore, there is a resistance or reluctance to change.

This country makes money off of war. Heck, violence is a principle that it was founded on. Part of why Dr. King was so dangerous is because he spoke out against the war.

Our inner city schools are in such mess and understandably so when you realize that over the course of the last 20 years, the amount of money spent on prisons increased by 570%, while the money spent on education increased by only 33%.** You might be shocked at the list of companies that make money of prisons and putting people in prison. This also speaks to why this country doesn’t invest more in our children’s’ education.

So, why am I bothering to even post this? Well, half the battle is being informed. This post isn’t sufficient enough to serve by giving a lot of detail though I can point you in the direction to learn more. Hopefully, it will grab your curiosity enough to do some reading, research and assessing. I plan to do more posts including discussions on these various topics and include books, paper, documentaries, and people that serve as resources. Once we collectively become more informed and talk, then we can start planning and acting on making changes within ourselves, our families, our communities, and ultimately our world.

Yet, for now, I want to encourage you in seeing that you first and foremost have the power to start creating change right now. Starting with you, your family, friends and beyond…

Ask yourself, how informed and active are you in your own health? Are there people in your own family or friends that can benefit from your knowledge and encouragement?

If you’re interested in the education and state of your community, how can you get involved? Do you have some ideas or areas you are passionate about that can contribute to youth, adults, seniors, schools, or the community at-large?

Do you have a drive for being an activists or mentor for young men or women? Are there organizations that address violence, gangs, or any type of lack or issue you see in the community that you’d like to get involved in? If not, why not start one?

How can you lend your voice, your talents, skills, relationships, or connections to give voice or serve a particular issue?

These are just a few things to not just think about, but challenge yourself, this week to get out and act upon. And if you would like more detailed information on a specific topic or issue I referred to OR if you’d like to serve as a resource for a future post, please email me.


** https://sites.google.com/site/educationvsprisoninamerica/facts-about-america-s-education-system

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