Well, I’m happy to kick off the week with some great news! Yours truly has been chosen to be part of the Gildan Esprit de She Ambassador team. For those of you that are not as familiar with the racing world, the Esprit de She series is a set of races including running, duathlon and triathlon events in various cities throughout the U.S.

EspritDeSheNapervilleTripic-FH2 copy
In the past, I have participated in the Naperville, Illinois triathlon, and look forward racing in it again this year, along with the Chicago 10K/K and hopefully a few in other cities.

Being a part of the Esprit de She Ambassador team gives me the opportunity to share my journey and inspire other women. As part of my personal goals to encourage others in the realm of health, wellness, being fit and active, I love being able to drive others to push themselves and set goals to accomplish milestones that they may have never thought they could. Training and participating in races is one the most rewarding steps in reaching those milestones.

For those that are runners, cyclists, and/or swimmers (or a combination of any of these), I want to invite you to sign up for any of the 2016 Esprit De She races. If you use my ambassador code ‘GEDS16AMB022’, you will get a discount off your registration.


And, if you are game, go for #BeYourPotential Challenge – Week One!!

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