Many blessings to you as you step into this new year of 2020. One of my usual expressions is “a new day, a new possibility” and in the spirit of that expression, today I’m excited to launch “Creations by Fredi Nyashia”!!

“Creations by Fredi Nyashia” are unique and custom crafted pieces made by me that represent my artistry, athleticism, as possibly more (as it grows) aspects of who I am. These are typically wearable pieces sold online and in the future at select events and physical locations.

Visit the online store to see the latest pieces and to purchase AND check back in the coming weeks as new items are to come.

  1. Tha'r To'tha'e says:

    Excellent stuff, as always! You’re on to World Domination ver. 2.0.20, I see. I would greatly appreciate it, if you could just find it in your grand scheme to provide me with a cabinet-level position (cleaning and organizing cabinets and drawers, perhaps closets)…

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