It is just over a month since the passing of Kobe Bryant and I wonder now that the world has had time to process the shock of such a tragic event, what has and will be the sustaining impact.

To see the tears, emotions and humanity of men, in particular men who are known for their toughness, has been beautiful and powerful to see.  Men expressing love for a man so revered, as well as the pain and vulnerability of their shock and hurt, is something that we need more of in today’s society.
I often think when we say everything happens for a reason, we think that is so cliche, however, the loss of Kobe, his daughter, and 7 others is something to examine and digger deeper into the why for us individually and collectively. What do we take away from this. 

We have seen the continual sharing and posting of people emphasizing to appreciate our loved ones, to not take for granted our days as tomorrow is not promised, and various similar messages.  It’s easy to think and focus on, in the days immediately following such a momentous loss of life, however, as the days turn into weeks into months into years, how do we not allow the very things that people have taken to heart, as a result of this impactful moment, to fall to the wayside as we return to the day to day of our lives?


By choosing to intentionally honor not just the lives of those lost, but also the meaning we have taken from having them taken from us so unexpectedly.  And still, to take that and apply it to that which we still have and the opportunities to spread and act out or shall I say ‘live out’ that meaning.

I’m sure that there are things that Vanessa Bryant and the loved ones of others killed that day would want to say and experience with those that they have lost.  However, there are still the family members, friends, and close loved ones that they still have and have the opportunity to share those things with them.  And if not recognized previously, now a light has been put on the chance they have to say, do, show, and cherish the days, the time, the people they still have.  And that is something we ALL have been afforded…a reminder of what and who we still have, as well as the moments we may not have with those that are no longer here, but rather the moments we have with those that are still amongst us.

It’s easy to take for granted that or whom we have until we know longer possess that.  Tragic events are often a reminder of such, however, it’s important to be intentional on building upon that message. These are a few things we can ask ourselves daily to be intentional.

What would you do or say today if you learned it would be your last? OR

How would you make today different/unique if you found out you would not see tomorrow?

If you’ve no longer have a parent, sibling, child, etc, the things you would say or do with them if given another opportunity, are you doing or saying them to those who are in your life now?

What will you do today to make it a great one or to seize the moments it holds?

What are you grateful for? Who are you grateful for and do they know/feel it?

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