In case you didn’t catch the Erykah Badu Verzuz Jill Scott on Saturday May 9th, you missed what I described as “a celebration of sisterhood, musicality and beauty of two phenomenal Black women”.  If you were not previously aware of the ongoing series called Verzuz by producers Swizz Beatz and Timbaland, this latest sensation comprises of Instagram battles between 2 djs, producers, and/or various other music artists. This one was the first where two women graced this increasingly popular platform.

The Verzuz series typically is preceded by predictions by fans of either or both artists of who will win the battle based on the artists’ catalogs and the ErykahVsJill was no exception. As the date of the event grew closer, we saw many declare themselves as either #TeamJill or #TeamErykah, though personally I couldn’t choose as I find them both talented and possessing bodies of music that I find equally amazing.

As the event unfolded, these two women took us on a journey. In between the back and forth exchanges of their soul-stirring repertoires of music. they also exchanged many pleasantries, compliments, memories, and true admiration and respect towards each other. 

The vibe of the afternoon became not one of a battle, but of a 2-hour melodic experience including snippets of their lyrical prowess’s, stories of their how songs were birthed, as well as shared womanly wisdom.

One thing that stood out so remarkably profound about the interaction between these two queens, that I personally love and desire to see more of is how subtlety it was a defining moment of the beauty of the nature of relationships between Black women that our society has not acknowledged as much.

I KNOW how much Black women uplift, admire, and relate to one another.  Unfortunately, what we tend to see highlighted publicly or among media portrayals are representations of women including hyped-up drama & fights, verbal and social media “beefs”, and often individual or even fan-based competitions pitting women against each other.

Jill and Erykah made this Verzuz remarkable in the sense that despite previous expectations of what the event would be and how it would turn out, these two women created a unique moment to redefine the narrative of Black women. These two shined a spotlight on the fact that Black women have grace, class, gifts among which they share as well as value in each other.  And with Erykah & Jill demonstrating that fact, many of us that tuned in, not only were reminded of it, but found it refreshingly invigorating while also being able to celebrate and share in that genuinely “sisterly” connection. #BlackQueenMagic

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