I have often been told since childhood by my family in particular that I have an old soul and for a time such as THIS, I would normally talk with my dad. Our elders have an insight & wisdom and THIS is not new for them.

What do I mean by THIS?  They are not new to seeing Black men and women killed by officers of the law, seeing protest, seeing riots, seeing justice not be served, seeing people benefitting by a life of priviledge, entitlement and inequity, and so much more. George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, & Breonna Taylor and others are to today what Emmett Till, Chaney, Goodman & Schwermer, and Fred Hampton were to our elders.

Today I talked with my uncle, my dad’s younger brother with whom I often love our engaging conversation. In the midst of anger & pain in our nation, our elders have a calm observation yet perspective that I respect and find valuable. They have done a lot of the work to get us here and in many ways things have changed, but in many others, things are still the same.

After the Zimmerman verdict, I took to non-violent protesting in our Chicago streets and I respect those that today are allowing their voice & actions be instruments to activate change.

Since 2013/2014, I’ve recognized that my own calling & contribution to change has evolved to a different format & medium.

I write to inform and inspire, and at times I use my creativity to change the narrative that fans the flames to maintain inequity, injustice, and systems that hinder change. However, most importantly one or my roles has been to take the wisdom of our elders and what they have seen and done and connect that with our youth to empower them to continue the fight. That has become one of my greatest means to use my position & gift to create change.

Wisdom & experience + innovation & passion..being the bridge to evoke a difference.

10 years ago, ‘Design For Change’ was just one program through which I could educate & empower youths’ voice to contribute to what needed to happen.

To see in the days ahead & this coming summer be even more significant for youth voice as well as youth being civicly engaged and uplifted to be leaders is my passion & mission..

Today, tomorrow and continually, there is more work to be done. I appeal to ALL, in whatever way to use your gifts, your work, your abilities..use it for the change that is long overdue.

If we can be ALL IN during a pandemic to stay and keep each other safe, we can apply that to an epidemic (yes racism is a disease) in this country that has been taking place over centuries.

..We need #ALLINforCHANGE

#yourvoice #yourgift #weALLplayuniqueroles

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