I decided to really open up in this post so bear with me. To do so out on the World Wide Web for everyone to see/read is a little intimidating, however, part of the reason I created this site was to use my life’s experiences that it may bless others, so here goes…

Relatively recently, I’ve been really hurt by a situation. An individual I love and care about deeply did something that I still don’t even understand. I’ve never been one to hold grudges. One of the things I’ve always embraced is that no one is perfect. Truthfully, the people we love and value the most are the ones likely to hurt us the most simply because we love them so much. If someone we don’t know very well did something to us, it doesn’t impact us in the same way.  Not that I expect it, but I’ve come to realize that at some point, people close to us or treasure the most may at some point hurt us. We’re human, we make mistakes. At least I know I do. It’s in being able to get & look past these faults, circumstances and painful situations, where we discover authentic love.

The longer we hold onto anger, resentment, hurt, and hate, the more we carry around the baggage of that one incident or situation.  A long time ago I began to tell myself, “I’ll be darn if I let one person, one event, one thing that happened in my life, keep me from the beauty, blessings, and the amazing possibilities of my present and future.”  Not that we shouldn’t learn from our experiences, but I didn’t want to carry weight from my past into new jobs, new friendships, new relationships, and each new day. So, for anyone that may have hurt you, a loss of a loved one, or anything that has caused you pain or sorrow, it’s important to be able to allow love into any spaces negativity.

Read 1Corinthians 13: 5 &Matthew 7:2, Love holds no record of wrongdoing and the measure of which you hold someone to, someone else will also hold you to. 

I was thinking about how much God loves us. We make so many mistakes, have such sinful natures, heck some of us don’t even acknowledge Him, but yet He still loves us. Some of us may be thinking, well, I don’t know if I can love like that. I can understand.  I’m not saying hurry up and get over things that cause you pain & distress.  Sometimes that takes time.  I’m simply expressing that when we are able to forgive and to accept our frailties and shortcomings, we reach a certain freedom to give and receive loving without conditions.   We’re able to embrace a level of peace in our lives that renews and frees our hearts & spirits.  I think that in the journey of our lives, we all go through trials, triumphs, circumstances, and events to grow us to get closer and closer to being able to love like that. We may never love perfectly, like God does, but we can evolve and continue to pursue that- to be able to perfectly love ourselves, others, and our Creator.

I wrote a poem earlier this year, entitled “Love Beyond Reason”. I was inspired by God and this person who I cherish & love dearly. I share it with you in hopes that it blesses you in a way that in growing close to perfect love, you grow closer to living & loving without barriers, without anything holding you back from all the gifts, beauty, and possibility you are meant to give and receive, the freedom of life.

 LOVE Beyond Reason

You water the garden of my heart
With raindrops of love
Endless like time
Sweet whispers to my soul

I’m a reflection of light
That shined upon me
Immeasurable like space
Filling my whole being

It is my air
What gives me life
Boundless like the sky
Without meaning…simply is

Louder than sound,
quieter than thought
It ushers in hope…
The doorway of possibility

Spoken from my lips
It carries my dreams
The innocence of a child
The color of purity

Giving new sight
As bold as the wind
Unconquerable within
Allowing me to be free

  1. Pauline Sperandeo says:

    I absolutely love your website.. Very nice colors & theme. Did you develop this site yourself? Please reply back as I’m planning to create my own site and would like to know where you got this from or what the theme is called. Thanks!

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