‘Walk In Love’ piece inspired by 2 John 1:6

I wasn’t going to post this, but after what just happened to me, I felt it laid on my heart to share this testament to how walking in love and trust allows God to bless us and reveal how awesome He is…

Yesterday, while having a lot on my mind & parking, I swiped another car. I remember thinking, ‘oh please let it not be noticeable damage.’ Well, the side of my car, after rubbing it, has a dim barely noticeable mark. Upon checking the other car, it had a very small mark & dent.

Here I was, with no one around, thinking this was the last thing I needed to deal with and could easily keep it moving. But my conscious told me “Fredi, you need to do the right thing”. Of course that voice that says “I don’t have the money for this”, “I don’t know whose car it is”, “It’s not that noticeable” was trying to talk me out of it. But my spirit said “walk in love not in fear”. So I wrote my name & number on a sheet of paper and stated boldly to please call me. I made sure to secure it in the window and just waited.

Overnight I tried not to think about it and just hoped the person wouldn’t notice or call. Sure enough this morning, the owner of the car called. I told her I had accidentally swiped her car, asked her to get an estimate so I could pay her for the damage, whatever it cost. (I didn’t want to go through my insurance; you know how those rates go up).

I felt really bad after she told me she just got the car on Thanksgiving. However, she was amazed that I even left my information, acknowledged it and wanted to take care of it. I understood because many of us have come back to our cars with dents or scratches and no word from anyone, especially in these tough economic times. Though she kept trying to commend me, I told her it was the right thing to do and that I really felt led to and specifically told her I chose to “walk in love and not in fear”.

We spoke for quite a bit and she told me that I truly ministered to her in some other areas of her life by saying those words. It felt good to share with her and after hanging up I just would wait for her to get the estimate and pray that somehow I’d figure out how to budget for this unexpected expense.

After some hours, she called back and said she didn’t get the estimate, but that the dealer said it would probably be a few hundred dollars. She told me that my words resonated with her and since it was such a small dent that if it turned out to be just a few hundred she would just take care of it herself or even not worry about it. Needless to say I was shocked. After asking her if she was sure, I told her to call me either way just so I know things work out and that I would at least want to treat her to lunch or dinner.

After hanging up, I got teary-eyed and knew instantly that I needed to share this as a true testimony to how we can be blessed if we truly trust God and walk in the spirit of His love. Fear told me that I couldn’t afford any more costs, I didn’t want to acknowledge my wrong, I didn’t want to deal with this, but in choosing LOVE, God took care of it.

I hope this blesses you, in that you may be dealing with or torn in making a decision you know is right. Walk in love and do what it is you know your heart & spirit are telling you. Though sometimes it is hard, I pray we all learn more and more each day to trust and to choose to walk in LOVE each day.

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