I originally wrote this as a post for having a powerful day, however, in entering 2013, this is a perfect time to embrace this for the New Year and beyond. I’m not one for making New Year’s resolution or focusing too much on the New Year, as I feel that it’s important to know that each and every day that we’re given is an opportunity to be powerful, set forth new things, as well as have growth, transformation, and a renewal of self.

With that said, there are a few things I decided to share that I incorporate daily to center myself on being powerful and the person who I’m called and was created to be.

Daily deeds (*indicated by DD)

Vision Board
Doing and/or updating a vision board. For those that don’t know, this is a visual board of photos, pictures, and images of things you want to achieve and have for your future. It’s a way to visualize and see things for your life; professionally, personally, spiritually, financially, and in various other aspects.

Affirmations *DD
I very much believe in the power of the spoken word. Truth be told, I need to do this more. Affirmations are a way to speak into your life. You can type or write various positive statements and post them up for you to say aloud to yourself each day. Sometimes life can get you down. People and things can bring negativity, disruption and trials. So, affirmations are a good way of speaking encouragement and positive declarations into your life. Like the word of God has the power to create the world, what you speak has the power to manifest your reality.

Gratitude List *DD
It’s very important to look at all things you have been blessed with and be grateful. Even if you think you don’t have much or are dealing with illness, financial difficulties, heartbreak, a loss, or other challenges, there are many things to be thankful for. Writing a list and keeping a journal of things that you are grateful for is a great way to stay mindful of how blessed you are. It allows you to focus on the positive versus things that may not be going well, plus if you’re not grateful for what you already have, why should you expect to be blessed with more.

Music *DD
If you are a music lover like me, this can make the difference in a single moment. Something as simple as waking to or playing music can kick start my day or change my mood.

Prayer & Meditation *DD
Before you seek anything in life, as a Christian, I personally believe you must first ask what is meant for your life, what is your purpose, what are you meant to do, what are the gifts that God has given you. It is in prayer and meditation that you can find these answers. It is essential to do both. Prayer is our way of talking, asking and telling things to God, but without meditation, putting yourself in a space to listen and hear from Him to get answers and direction, you can find yourself lost. Each day is an opportunity to speak as well as listen to Him.

Stillness and Fasting
I’ll admit that both of these take discipline and level of spiritual growth that is committed to doing things that are not always easy. I won’t get too much into fasting, but to deny yourself of various things, not necessarily just food, puts you in a place to submit to God as well as get clarity or just spending time developing your relationship with Him. Fasting for a day, a week, or 40 days, gives you time to focus on your spiritual walk. This and stillness, for me personally, I embrace particularly when I don’t have direction, when I’m not clear or struggling to get confirmation on things in life. However, there are times that I simply feel God is calling me to fast. I will also say that stillness, especially for someone who is a mover and shaker, a doer and hard-worker, at one point was incredibly hard. However, like many things, God takes us through challenges and changes that grow us. In persevering through it all, we evolve and allow Him to shape and mold us. (James 1:2-5)

Scripture Reading *DD
Reading the word of God allows us to continually grow in our relationship with God, as well as our understanding of our lives and purpose. Today, it is easier to commit to reading daily with online reading devotions that can be sent daily to your email, Bible apps and plans on your phone, even to the point you can have the audio read to you while driving in the car.

BAB – Be A Blessing *DD
I already have a giving heart and spirit, but to be intentional on a daily or weekly basis to impact another’s life would be a way to step it up. Why not challenge ourselves to go out of our way to call someone we normally don’t speak to, shoot an encouraging email, post an uplifting song, even send a gift or somehow use our talents to touch another person EVERY day, especially those that may be struggling. Through blessing others and allowing yourself to be used to touch someone in a special way, it allows us to create a better life and a better world.

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