So, it’s already getting dark by 4pm and getting colder out. The motivation to get out, workout & stay active, especially with the holidays coming is getting harder. Well, I’m assuming so, at least for me it can be challenge. I admit that I can go into these periods of hibernation and once the snow hits the ground, let’s just say getting in the gym consistently can be a struggle. Soooo, how do we stay motivated to stay active?

Here are a few things that I can share with you that may help…

1) Many of us are pretty diverse and have various interests, so I say first go with that. Take all the different activities you like doing, haven’t done in a while, or want to try and mix it up.

For instance, okay I do triathlons but I’m not always feeling like getting to the indoor track or outside to run, swimming, biking or weights (and that’s pretty diverse in itself…lol).  So this past weekend, I ended up in a dance studio, choreographing a dance. I don’t dance as much as I’d like so it’s my way to keep me active when I’m not inspired to get in the gym.  And there are other things I like doing but haven’t done in a while like roller-skating at the rink, bowling, going to the driving range with my dad, or hitting up a group of friends to play laser tag.

So take anything you enjoy or been wanting to do that gets you active; Zumba, a basketball or flag football team,  ice skating, Flirty Girl Fitness class, even a long walk and incorporate that to keep you from been a couch potato during these winter months.

2) Another thing that I encourage, especially for those that find it hard to find time to exercising and have a hectic schedule, is what I call ‘just-get-it-in’. This is actually how I began my first triathlon season training.  Like many people, my days were all over the place and to say I’m going to get up every day at a certain time was not going to work. So I just decided on a number of days to get my work out in, say 3 or 4 days a week. Then instead of saying every M-W-F at 7am (which is crazy because I’m not a morning person), I determined by week which days I would get my workout in. Sometimes M-T-F, other weeks T-F-Sat, but I just focused on getting my 3 or 4 days in versus sticking to a specific schedule.  Having that flexibility along with changing up my activities helped me stick to it.  And even if I couldn’t get to a gym; walking, running up & down stairs in a building, dancing for 30 minutes in my living room, whatever I could do, I would seek to get some activity in.

3) And one of the best things I can say helps to keep you going is to sign up for an event.

Right now I’m in between my outdoor and indoor triathlon season, so it’s easy to indulge in this break & get laxed.  Since indoor season really doesn’t get going until January/February, I’ve found a couple indoors triathlons in November and December that I’m signing up for to keep me into workout mode through the holidays.

Whatever it is, a class, a 5K, a date for a dance, or simply planning and setting a date for a group outing, find something that you actually have to commit to, that will help you stick to staying active.  Case in point, once you buy the airplane ticket, you have it set that you are going and the closer you get to the date, you prepare & pack for it, right? Well, the same thing applies here.

With a combination of variety that keeps it fun and diverse, being flexible with your schedule, and creating commitments, hopefully we all won’t have to worry about making New Year’s resolutions, because we’ll all be looking good and staying fit through the holidays, anyway.

If you have any of your own recommendations or personal motivations, please feel free to post a comment here and share with us.

Be blessed…

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