Going into the Chicago Triathlon weekend in preparation for my Olympic triathlon, there are some nerves, some excitement, and having just witness the 2016 Rio Olympics, I must say that I have once again been inspired.

Having a variety of tools and rituals that keep one focused, motivated, and passionate about being a triathlete, improving, growing, and seeking various goals is key, however, to see the athletes of this year’s Olympics was not only amazing to see, but also spirit-moving to see them go for and accomplish lifetime dreams.

The strength, power, and domination of Simone Biles.
The history making of Michael Phelps.
The focus and drive of Allyson Felix, Tianna Bartoletta, English Gardner, Tori Bowie.
The dedication and comeback of Gabrielle Douglas.
The sense of accomplishment of Gwen Jorgenson.
The youthful surprise of Simone Manuel.

All of their achievements is a reminder of the level of commitment it takes for us all to step up to the challenge of reaching our dreams, living the lives we desire, and fulfilling on our purpose. Through their smiles, tears, falls, and celebrations we see a moment that sums up all it took to get where they are. This can be applied not just Olympians or athletes, but to anyone.

The moments of the Rio Olympics has allowed me to reflect and take stock in not just my commitment to various aspects of my life (family, friends, career, goals, dreams, etc) but also to visualize and imagine the feeling of what the end result could not just look like, but feel like, and use that to fuel me daily in my aspirations.

Yes, many of us picture what we want or seek in life, but often we can’t really embody what it would be like to actually be living it. It’s easy to get inundated with the drudgery of the work it takes, the day to day ebbs and flows, the pitfalls and hitches that may seem to take us back a notch or two. There are days of discouragement and times when we just aren’t feeling motivated. There are often mundane periods as well as times we may second guess, have self-doubts or fears. I imagine even these Olympians have experienced these (injuries, poor performances, or simply falling short).  However, the difference between getting to the finish line or not is the choice we make once we hit that crossroad that determines the path to ordinary or the path to greatness.

I definitely plan to take this as inspiration into not just this weekend’s race, but also into my continual life’s journey. From watching such phenomenal athletes these last few weeks of the Rio games, hopefully we can all be inspired to choose in our own lives, the path to greatness.

And best wishes to all the athletes racing in the Chicago Triathlon…let’s go!!
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