February is FINALLY here! (Yes, January seemed like it was forever..lol). Hands down it is my favorite month, not just because it was the month I was born in, but also because it is jammed packed with so much! This year I decided to incorporate a few challenges to add to the excitement. So, if you are a social media enthusiast, specifically on Instagram, though you can also do it on Facebook or Twitter, I have 2 challenges, one for anyone and a 2nd one geared towards athletes, posted below.

If you have never done a photo challenge, it is easy. All you have to do is post a photo each day representing the item listed for that day. For each post it is encouraged to add the hash tag #februaryphotochallenge as well as other hashtags that represent what you posted. If you accept the challenge, you should first post the photo challenge picture from below to announce to your followers as they may want to do it too. You can even add @nyashia to the challenge post (for IG or Twitter), as well as subsequent challenge posts so I can make sure I’m following you and see all the things you post throughout the month. I will be doing both of these challenges throughout the month mainly on Instagram, so feel free to follow me @nyashia.

The first challenge includes things that allow your followers to get to know you, as well as some of the events & celebrations in February (ie. Black History Month, Mardi Gras, the Superbowl). You can also add some of the hash tags listed if it represents that celebration, as well as your own hashtags.

This second challenge is for athletes that race. Feel free to add #februaryphotochallenge #athletechallenge and the corresponding #hashtag for that day’s post along with your own.

Have fun with it & happy posting!!

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