Today, October 11, is the International Day of the Girl. Since 2011, this day has been observed as a day to empower, speak to, advocate for, and uplift girls and women. It is a day to create or increase awareness of gender equality, as well as the adversities that girls and women around the world face in today’s society. Using opportunities to demonstrate what girls and women stand form as well as creating relevant conversations and uplifting the female voice, while also being in ACTION is essential.

Here are videos featuring girls, young ladies, and women, where the question was asked “what key issue do you feel that girls and women face today is important to you and how do you feel you and others can address it?” View, share, and encourage dialogue not just today but moving forward to work towards resolutions and empowering our girls and women. And feel free to comment with an issue that speaks to you and what you can/will do to take action.

“Mistreatment of Women In the Middle East” – Anayah


“Women Being Targeted Sexually” – Jazmyne


“Respect/Discrimination In The Work Place” – Mikayla


“Body Image” – Tiffany Sharp


“Imagery In the Media” – Fredricka

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