Every year rather that making resolutions, I create & focus on commitments & goals I establish for the year. I read them at least monthly but more like weekly to check-in and see where I’m at, refocus, plan and take action to achieve them. Last year (2017) on of my goals was to improve my USA Triathlon ranking from 2016 State AG (age group): 49 and Region AG: 166.

Then I had my unfortunate bike accident that knocked out that possibility & made me ineligible for AG Nationals. This year I kept that same goal, but initially was focused on post-surgery healing, therapy and getting back into racing. I didn’t really feel that I improved much this year. I tried to accept that after an injury, it can take time. Yet I did come a long way and hit a few targets.

However, as I was recently updating my athlete CV, I checked my ranking and guess what?? For 2018, my rank is State AG: 23 and Region AG: 98! I’m so happy & excited to reach that goal this year!!

I wanted to share this for 2 reasons. One, to encourage any of you that despite setbacks, stay the course. It’s easy to be hard on ourselves, wane, give up, or not really even see what we have accomplished. (Because honestly even if I hadn’t improved my rank, I went from not being able to move my arm and get dressed in pain to getting back to swimming, biking, running and more). And the second reason..I’m keeping this goal for next year. So you all can keep me accountable and check back with me late 2019. I’m thinking to shoot for state AG TOP 10, BABY!!!

USAT rankings are available at: https://rankings.usatriathlon.org/Rankings/NationalRankings

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